Unmistakable wow-factor for your sales, marketing and other external-facing teams!

Prestoh for Enterprise

A cloud-based online application that allows customers to create and centrally-manage Mobile Business Cards across their enterprise. With its unmistakable wow-factor, Prestoh for Enterprise positions your team as progressive technology innovators and makes it easy for them to share their contact details and marketing or promotional material directly from their smartphone.

Watch our presentation to learn how Prestoh can help your Enterprise organization.

Prestoh for Enterprise features include role and group based administration. Add and manage users; create custom themes or set up team-based groups to customize the information and advertisements displayed on individual’s cards based on their role within the organization.


No IT burden

App is self administered — users manage and make changes to their own cards!

Advanced group based admin

Manage users and set up groups with custom Action Links and Ads.

Unmistakable wow-factor!

Position your staff as technology innovators.

Developed to live and be managed outside of IT (sorry IT), we guarantee we can configure your instance of Prestoh for Enterprise faster than you can get brand approvals. So go ahead, test us…

Contact us at sales@prestoh.com to schedule an online demo and for pricing.