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Prestoh, an interactive business card that lives on your phone

Each Prestoh Mobile Business Card comes with a free QR Code, just scan your QR Code and ta–da your Mobile Card appears. You also get a vCard that includes a photo of you and all your contact info. A vCard can transfer all this info to your clients mobile phone (they don’t need to type a thing). Making it easy for your clients to reach you and share your information with others. And Prestoh works on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

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App Central's Amber MacArthur and Prestoh's Julie Cochrane discuss Prestoh Mobile Business Cards. Discover how these digital business cards work for individuals, business and real estate.

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Feature Prestoh Card: Leaning Tree Yoga

Michele Chretien-Smith uses her Prestoh Mobile Business Card to promote Leaning Tree Yoga.

My Prestoh card lets me update my scheduled classes in real time. These change every season and printing them is expensive. Now I have my QR Code printed on bookmarks which I give to all my students. Each season they scan my QR Code and instantly know all my locations and times. And with the one-click to call feature they register for the class that’s right for them. The best part is my students can easily share my Prestoh card with their friends that also like yoga — my registrations have gone up this season!

Designed for Sharing

Prestoh Mobile Business Cards make it easy to share — using Prestoh Michele can:

Printing your QR Code
  • Print her QR Code on business cards, bookmarks and include it in her email footer
  • Tap her App Icon and launch the Leaning Tree Yoga Mobile Card
  • Broadcast her Mobile Card to all students in her class at once (no scanning of the QR Code is needed)
  • Promote her friendly Prestoh URL:
  • Save all her contact info onto clients’ phone using Prestoh’s free vCard – clients never have to type a thing

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