Generate a unique QR Code to market your business

QR Code for you and your business

Prestoh Mobile Business Cards include a free QR Code. This QR Code is unique – think of it as a mobile finger print – it takes anyone who scans it directly to your Mobile Business Card.

Generating your QR Code is easy

Your QR Code is automatically generated when sign up for your free Mobile Business Card. The sign up process is 3 easy steps and takes only 5 minutes. Then, sign in and go to the Share tab to download your QR Code.

Traditional Printed Business Card with QR Code printed on the back. Scan it to link to a Prestoh Mobile Business Card that is interactive with one-click to call, email and download contact info, array

Many of our users print their QR Code on the back of their traditional, printed business cards (see sample on left). This is a great way to bridge the gap between the print and digital world and its a great way to bring printed material to life –– literally. But you don’t have to stop there. Your QR Code can get added to your email signature line and printed as sign in front of your office.

Branding your QR Code

A very cool feature of Prestoh QR Codes is you can brand them with your own Icon in the centre. Once you create your Mobile Business Card, simply sign in and go to the Style tab > Graphics > App Icon and upload your icon. Your icon is used to brand your QR Code and it is used as an App Icon when you save your Mobile Business Card onto your smartphone’s home screen. Its even used as your very own Favicon. So hurry, branding your QR Code is a premium feature and is available absolutely free to our first 100k users – so sign up today!

Donald Chretien - Favicon, branded QR Code and App Icon - all created with a Prestoh Mobile Business Card

Getting Creative with QR Codes

You can even create QR Codes with a mobile card for products and stuff too. We have Real Estate Agents using it for a house listing, artists use it to give more information on a painting, we’ve even seen a user create one for his bike (if found scan this). There are no limits to the number of Mobile Cards you can create so go ahead and be creative, create a Mobile Business Card for your product, event or even your bicycle. If you’ve seen a great example of a Prestoh Mobile Business Card and QR Code we’d love to hear about it, drop us a line or send us a picture at