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Did you know in 3 years there will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users?1 There is no better time to take your business mobile. And with Prestoh you can leverage the online tools you already use. Passionate about getting followers on Twitter? Want to drive Likes on your Facebook fan page? Do you have product demos or testimonials on YouTube? Your Prestoh Mobile Business Card can help with just one click. You’ll have more followers, likes and streaming video on client’s phone. And each Mobile Business Card comes with a free QR Code, think of it as a shortcut to all your online marketing vehicles. Plus Prestoh is cross-platform and works on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

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Feature Prestoh Card: Maud Street Group

John Leedale is owner and operator of Maud Street Group, a print production facility focused on producing top quality print.

I have a Prestoh card, plus one for my company and sales staff. Coming from the world of print it’s ironic that most of our client interactions are digital. And we use the digital world to spread our print knowledge with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Prestoh Mobile Business Cards leverage these tools we are already using and by adding our Prestoh QR Codes to our email signature lines we already have more followers on Twitter and people have found our Facebook Fan page. Prestoh lets us to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, we call it Phyigital.

Designed for Sharing

Prestoh Mobile Business Cards make it easy to share — using Prestoh John can:

Printing your QR Code
  • Print the Maud QR Code on promotional flyers, and he and staff include their QR Codes on business cards and email footers
  • Tap the branded App Icon and launch Mauds’ Mobile Card
  • Broadcast his Mobile Card at conferences (no scanning of the QR Code is needed)
  • Promote the friendly Prestoh URL:
  • Save all his contact info onto clients’ phone using Prestoh’s free vCard – clients never have to type a thing

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1 Morgan Stanley