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Did you know in 3 years there will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users?1 There is no better time to take your business mobile. And with Prestoh you can leverage the online tools you already use. Passionate about getting followers on Twitter? Want to drive Likes on your Facebook fan page? Do you have product demos or testimonials on YouTube? Your Prestoh Mobile Business Card can help with just one click. You’ll have more followers, likes and streaming video on client’s phone. And each Mobile Business Card comes with a free QR Code, think of it as a shortcut to all your online marketing vehicles. Plus Prestoh is cross-platform and works on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

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Feature Prestoh Card: Real Estate Ray

Ray Cochrane, aka Real Estate Ray is a top selling Real Estate Agent for Re/max Hallmark.

I have a Prestoh card for myself and my secret is I have 10 more for the houses I list. I had 10 plaques printed with each QR Code and I place them over my For Sale signs. Every time I create a feature sheet I update one of my Prestoh Cards with that listings details. People who walk by scan my QR Code and see the price and photos of the house plus they can send it to a friend they think might be interested. Anyone interested just clicks a button on my Prestoh card to book a showing. I love this technology!

Designed to help you sell

Prestoh Mobile Business Cards make your job easier — using Prestoh Ray can:

Printing your QR Code
  • Create multiple Prestoh cards– he uses one for himself and one for each listing he has
  • Print his QR Codes on plaques that he places over his For Sale signs and adds them to Feature Sheets
  • Show virtual tours of the house by linking to YouTube videos
  • Promote his friendly Prestoh URL: on LinkedIn
  • Let clients save all his contact info using Prestoh’s free vCard – they never have to type a thing
  • Show home details and all his listings using Prestoh’s “Simple web page” feature

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1 Morgan Stanley