Bilingual Mobile Business Card

Bilingual Mobile Business Card

Hey there international bizstar … stop fumbling for the right language business card. Why not use Prestoh and create a second language card.

Hablas español, Parlez-vous français

Go to and create a new card. Once you’ve signed in, go to the Actions tab and you will see all the default buttons displayed in English on your card.

Bilingual Mobile Business Card
  1. Click on the arrow icon to open the details for that button.
  2. Highlight the English copy and type over it in any language you choose.

Want to link your two Prestoh Cards together?

Of course you do - its like cross selling and it so easy. Go to the Actions tab and click on “Add Another Button”. Select “Website button” and type over the button text with: Visit my bilingual card. For the website address, use the personalized URL that was created automatically when you created your other card (Tip: Your personalized URL is generated using your username).

You can have many Prestoh cards; just sign in using the cards’ username.