Tap into the magic
of vCards

Tap into the magic of vCards

Would you like to make it easier for your clients to reach you? A vCard can do just that. It transfers all your contact info to their phones address book in one click — no typing required.

vCard sample card

How to create your vCard

It’s easy, just sign in to your Prestoh account and go to the Contact tab. You’ll find sub tabs for all the info you can store in your vCard including phone numbers, emails, addresses, websites and your social links. Fill in all the info you want to share and save changes. It will all get added to your own vCard.

How to share your vCard

Your Prestoh Mobile Business Card automatically includes an Action Link: Download my contact info ’ see Julie’s sample. When a visitor clicks on this action, it accesses Julie’s vCard and adds it to their phones address book. Ta-da!

The info stored in your vCard is also used for your Action Buttons. Try it: add your website, then add a Website Link in the Actions tab and your website will appear.