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                Service Hotline:021-57293980 
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                 Production Base

                Email: rongrong.pan@shrcl.com
                Service Hotline:400-088-7779

                Shanghai Changning Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)21 6252 2296
                Fax:+86(0)21 6212 5905
                MB:+86 18918729988
                       Deng huaping
                       General Manager
                Email: huaping.deng@shrcl.com   
                Add:No.171 Lane 680,Kaixuan Road,Shanghai (No.688 Zhaohua Road)

                Shanghai Jinshan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)21 5729 3980
                    +86(0)21 5729 3323
                Fax:+86(0)21 5729 1585
                MB:+86 13045676818
                       Tan Ping
                Email: tanping@shrcl.com
                Add:No.5899 Caolang Road Qianwei Town,Jinshan District ,Shanghai(Near Jinshi Road)

                Shanxi Taiyuan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)351 7942 588
                Fax:+86(0)351 7954 598
                MB:+86 18735126559
                       Xu Wenquan
                       General Manager
                Email: wenquan.xu@shrcl.com  
                Add:NO.5899 Xiaoniu Road Dadaijiabao Village,Beige Town,Xiaodian District,Taiyuan,Shanxi

                Tianjin Beichen Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)22 2699 2262
                Fax:+86(0)22 2699 8377
                MB:+86 15822620083
                       Zuo Xiaojin
                       Deputy General Manager
                Email: xiaojin.zuo@shrcl.com
                Add:NO.15 Jinwei Road Industrial District,Beichen District,Tianjin

                Tianjin Jinnan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)22 8865 9708-801
                Fax:+86(0)22 8865 9301
                MB:+86 18822112007
                       Wang Sibin
                       Deputy General Manager
                Email: sibin.wang@shrcl.com  
                Add:NO.6 Baoyuan Road,Jinnan Development Zone(East Zone),Tianjin

                Hunan Changsha Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)731 8409 6768
                Fax:+86(0)731 8409 6768
                MB:+86 15873146116
                       Tan Qiuyun
                Email: qiuyun.tan@shrcl.com  
                Add:MaotangpuTanfang Village,Ansha town,Changsha county,Changsha


                Week Briefing News  2012/4/11 
                15th International AFC-Holcroft Aluminum Brazing Seminar  2012/3/27 
                25 Most Influential People in the North American Heat Treating Industry  2012/2/14 
                SHT Chairman Zuo Xiaoshun Visit HTA  2012/2/10 
                1C ZUG INDUSTRIES HOLDING AG acquires CIEFFE  2012/1/31 
                Paulo Receives Approval as a Heat Treat Source for General Motors Powertrain  2012/1/1 
                Heat Treating UK/A Less Captive Market  2011/6/7 
                Shanghai Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd, invited to attended Beijing International Thermal Technology Exhibition  2011/6/3 
                China Heat Treatment of six five times the Standing Council and Cleaner Production Seminar  2011/4/25 
                Mr. Feng DingDing, invited to visit Shanghai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd  2011/4/22 
                Famous Economist Majun, to Our Company Inspection Guidence  2011/4/1 
                Li Wancai, Vice Party Secretary of Dalian, Met with board chairman of Sunray, Zuo Xiaoshun  2011/3/28 
                Chairman Mr. Zuo Xiaoshun, meet with leaders of Wazhou Group and Renben Bearing Group  2011/3/27 
                Taiyuan Sunray Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd, set up  2010/10/15 
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