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                Service Hotline:021-57293980 
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                 Production Base

                Email: rongrong.pan@shrcl.com
                Service Hotline:400-088-7779

                Shanghai Changning Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)21 6252 2296
                Fax:+86(0)21 6212 5905
                MB:+86 18918729988
                       Deng huaping
                       General Manager
                Email: huaping.deng@shrcl.com   
                Add:No.171 Lane 680,Kaixuan Road,Shanghai (No.688 Zhaohua Road)

                Shanghai Jinshan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)21 5729 3980
                    +86(0)21 5729 3323
                Fax:+86(0)21 5729 1585
                MB:+86 13045676818
                       Tan Ping
                Email: tanping@shrcl.com
                Add:No.5899 Caolang Road Qianwei Town,Jinshan District ,Shanghai(Near Jinshi Road)

                Shanxi Taiyuan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)351 7942 588
                Fax:+86(0)351 7954 598
                MB:+86 18735126559
                       Xu Wenquan
                       General Manager
                Email: wenquan.xu@shrcl.com  
                Add:NO.5899 Xiaoniu Road Dadaijiabao Village,Beige Town,Xiaodian District,Taiyuan,Shanxi

                Tianjin Beichen Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)22 2699 2262
                Fax:+86(0)22 2699 8377
                MB:+86 15822620083
                       Zuo Xiaojin
                       Deputy General Manager
                Email: xiaojin.zuo@shrcl.com
                Add:NO.15 Jinwei Road Industrial District,Beichen District,Tianjin

                Tianjin Jinnan Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)22 8865 9708-801
                Fax:+86(0)22 8865 9301
                MB:+86 18822112007
                       Wang Sibin
                       Deputy General Manager
                Email: sibin.wang@shrcl.com  
                Add:NO.6 Baoyuan Road,Jinnan Development Zone(East Zone),Tianjin

                Hunan Changsha Production Base

                Tel:+86(0)731 8409 6768
                Fax:+86(0)731 8409 6768
                MB:+86 15873146116
                       Tan Qiuyun
                Email: qiuyun.tan@shrcl.com  
                Add:MaotangpuTanfang Village,Ansha town,Changsha county,Changsha


                15th International AFC-Holcroft Aluminum Brazing Seminar  2012/3/27 

                    The 15th International AFC-Holcroft Aluminum Brazing Seminar was held on March 5 and 6 in Gurgaon (suburb of New Delhi), India. The highly technical CAAB© seminar was organized in partnership with AFC-Holcroft’s Indian  partner High Temp Furnaces from Bangalore. Aluminum Brazing experts from the US, UK, Germany, France  and Poland  presented papers on  recent developments in the aluminium brazing process, fluxing, leak detection, aluminum materials, and coating to 55 customers from India and the US. The culmination of the seminar was presentation by Mac McQuirk, AFC-Holcroft’s leading CAAB© expert in the field of the furnace design.   McQuirk presented a new and highly efficient furnace solution that can save up to 45% of furnace operation cost.   The furnace is environmentally friendly with the lowest foot print on environment in the world.    The patented “muffleless” design provides end users a huge cost advantage compared to running cost of the traditional aluminum brazing furnace. The first furnace with the new design will be shipped and installed to a major Indian heat exchanger manufacturer during the second part of this year.Due to the high interest from the Chinese heat exchanger manufacturers in the new technology a similar seminar will be repeated again this year in Shanghai, China. The specific date will be announced shortly.

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